Women Changing the face of crypto – 2023

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Throughout history, there are examples of all the ways women have greatly impacted multiple industries and made them better. From key discoveries in science to a major impact in the business world, women today can be seen in all walks of life. Long gone are the times when women would be bound to the boundaries of their homes, however, even with innovation and equality of opportunity, women have yet to gain economic freedom in the form of control over their financial freedom. 

Crypto Miners would like to take the opportunity to highlight all the women that have had a major impact on the world of Crypto. It is through these examples that millennial women can find control over their financial future. While at the same time, increasing access to the fintech industry regardless of one’s gender. It is safe to say that Women in Crypto will surely be equal industry players in the near future, as women continue to join the fintech and crypto industry. 

Do women believe they have financial freedom? 

As much as we would love to believe that everyone has equal economic freedom, it does not seem to be the case globally. Yes, the statistics differ from region to region, but there are countries all over the world where women are bound by customs and traditions. It becomes impossible for women to manage assets with banking apps, which leads to a lack of access to the fintech industry. It is certain that the future of financial freedom will be heavily influenced by technology. For this very reason, women have started to put their faith in cryptocurrency and blockchain-backed assets. The more women learned about the potential of cryptocurrency, the more they were convinced for it to be their shot at economic freedom. 

Women do not believe that they are equally in control of their future finances in comparison, but they are certainly beginning to see the opportunity crypto provides to bypass traditional banking systems and be independent when it comes to handling their finances. Crypto Currencies and Virtual Assets allow for equal financial freedom which is free from biased laws, lack of trust in banks, cultural norms, and the need for a husband in many countries. Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have finally been able to provide an equal platform that can allow women to manage their own financials, and plan their future without having any barriers. 

Women excelling in the Crypto World

The world of crypto came as a revolution for anyone who is looking to become a part of the future. Out of the countless people that are already a part of the industry, a few shine the brightest. These women have taken it upon themselves to pave the way toward financial freedom, and have showcased perfectly the achievements they can have in this industry. This year on women’s day 2023, we look at how Crypto and success are not gender-biased, and that is clear with the success these women have achieved. 

  1. Maliha Abidi

Maliha discovered NFT back in NFT and understood that she could make a huge contribution to the growing industry. Maliha launched a dedicated collection of artworks as NFTs and sell them to not only earn but to also raise awareness with her motto, “celebrate women in Web3 and bring more women into the space.” Maliha is a social activist and uses her art to continue advocating for the rights of women and through the extension of human rights. A good part of Maliha’s earned pool is spent on girls’ education, gender equality campaigns, the Malala Fund, and supporting NFT communities. 

  1. Kiana Danial 

Kiana firmly believes that the only way to empower women is through financial freedom. This is the sole reason that she decided to launch her career as a teacher of all things crypto. From basics of investing to engaging informative content targeted toward women, Kiana has had a major impact. Kiana Danial started off working in a male-dominated finance industry ten years back. The world has come a long way since then, and Kiana is one of the reasons why. Kiana now teaches women to take control of their finances and teaches how to invest in the right manner. 

  1. Laura Shin

Not all careers in the crypto industry are intentional, there were some like Laura’s that were purely unintended. Laura Shin was a senior editor for Forbes in the past and found her own identity with the crypto-based podcast Unchained. Laura has been the inspiration behind many women opting for crypto as a career, and learning more about the industry. Being an industry that is purely based on knowledge, her example is the one many women follow. 


Organizations all over the world involved with crypto understand the important role both genders play. Crypto Miners is one such example that has not only openly advocated for the widespread awareness of crypto mining regardless of gender but has also personally reached many women that work in fortifying their careers in the crypto industry. This year crypto miners wish a very happy women’s day to all women working or at home. 

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