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The B6D Ultra + Dry Cooler is the perfect solution to mining in high temperatures or overclocking mining scenarios. With the capacity to hold 6 units, the B6D Ultra combined with the Dry Cooler is the answer to mining in extreme heat, especially in the Middle East and the GCC. It makes a perfect piece of immersion cooling hardware for anyone looking to mine on multiple machines at the same time. 

About B6D Ultra + Dry Cooler

B6D Ultra + Dry Cooler was launched as a solution for those miners who were restricted in their mining journey due to living in extreme heat conditions. Fog Hashing presented immersion cooling as an alternative to cool miners that are being used in extreme overclocking scenarios or in extreme heat. As an immersion cooling kit, the B6D Ultra + Dry Cooler comes with a dry cooler which is perfect for places where there is not any steady access to water. The B6D Ultra + Dry Cooler has a coolant volume of 174L and comes with a 1.32” OLED Screen. The B6D Ultra + Dry Cooler can accommodate up to 6 Antminer S19. 

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Specifications B6D Ultra: 

Outer Size: 1420 mm x 575 mm x 620 mm

Input Voltage: 3 Phase 350V - 480V 50/ 60 Hz // Single Phase 200-277V 50/60 Hz

Output Voltage: Single Phase 200-277V 50/60 Hz

Display: 1.32”

Coolant Volume: 174L

Power Usage: 400W

Weight: 130kg

Weight at Full Capacity: 230kg

Noise Level: 55db

Capacity: 6 ASIC Miners

Network: 100Mps Ethernet Switch

External Cooling: Dry Cooler

Pipe Diameter: DN25


Specifications B6D Ultra Dry Cooler: 

Manufacturer: Fog Hashing

Model: B6D Ultra + Dry Cooler

Inner Size: 1560 mm x 440mm x 952mm

Weight: 117kg

Noise Level: 71db

Power: 580W x2

Voltage: Single Phase 200-240V

Inlet temperature: 60 °C

Outflow temperature: 40°C

Coolant Capacity: 14L

Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ 40°C

Air Volume: 13000m³/h

Pipeline: 5m x2

Pipe Diameter: DN25