Upcoming Events in the Crypto World in 2024

Upcoming Events in the Crypto World in 2024



Get ready to get the crypto train in 2024 because it’s about to blow up more, due to evolving technology and more people getting on board. Decentralized finance platforms, like DeFi, and blockchain technology are changing the game for money, health, and even how we ship stuff. Industry meet-ups and talks are the perfect way to get the inside story on where crypto is headed out of which few are discussed below, scheduled this year.

Regulations are always expected to be the backbone of our digitized monetary system, so you should learn how to deal with new regulations to be able to continue your business and protect your capital. NFTs, the crypto world's Pokémon cards, are slowly becoming the app’s tailor-made product and the metaverse, the universe where everything is virtual, reaching over the moon, giving gamers and customers a new virtual world to roam free. 

Some big boys like Banks and big-shot investors are also getting ready to play games in crypto, so you know it's got potential. Keep checking our page for the latest news and events to profit most from the crypto industry. The future is bright, and the possibilities are boundless! Be prepared to enter the wacky and crazy world of crypto in 2024!

Blockchain Summit 2024

The Chamber of Digital Commerce conducting Blockchain Summit 2024 on May 8-9 in Washington, D.C. This forum acts as the central pillar where the principal lawmakers congregate to jointly map out a roadmap for legislative guidelines that will not only enable but also enhance the global blockchain integration. 



A remarkable lineup of guests is scheduled to attend this groundbreaking meeting, and among them are well-known personalities such as Representative Mike Flood, Seńatorka Kirsten Gillibrand, and Seńatorka Cynthia Lummis, who will provide useful feedback for the future of blockchain technology. Notable people like Anthony J. Apollo, who did their best to create the Wyoming stablecoin security framework, and a representative from the Department of the Treasury of the United States, Whitney Case, who bring vigor to the conversation through their knowledge advance the dialogue even more. 

Plus, the employment of Scott Melker, known as 'The Wolf of All Streets,' in the gathering is a guarantee that there will be a powerful and competent group of people who will bring into the room different points of view and experiences that will spark some lively discussions and decisive decisions. This exemplary collection of top-notch thinkers, forward-looking experts, and policymakers brings together Blockchain Summit 2024 at the cutting-edge position of its continuously expanding role in both the innovation and regulation spheres of blockchain technology, signaling its long-standing status as a change-maker time and again throughout the digital economy and beyond.



CoinDesk (News Agency) is hosting a conference regarding cryptocurrency and blockchain from May 29 to June 01, 2024. The event will occur in Austin, Texas. Since its creation in 2015, Ethereum’s NFT has gained significant attraction and influence in the cryptocurrency, web3, and blockchain communities. This annual conference sums up the members of the industry and blockchain practitioners sharing their ideas, working as a team, and aligning the place for blockchain technology in the future. The forum unites diverse sets of actors, inspiring initiative takers, highlighting trailblazing practices, and encouraging critical discussions. 

The primary goal is to create a platform for discussing relevant industry matters, and these talks will lead to progress as well as the birth of new ideas. All the participants do the brainstorming sessions to fix the problems. Another activity, PitchFest, will also take place in which entrepreneurs explain their ideas and get feedback from industry experts then and there. 

Alongside, this competition does not provide a stage that is only aimed at prominently highlighting the hidden gems but also seeks to encourage new ventures by connecting them with the investors and capitalists who can give them the needed funding and strategic insights. This event is a representation of imagination, teamwork, as well as the desire to continue improving coalition technologies in line with the spirit of innovation that is the engine of the blockchain revolution.



Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit

The Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit stands out as a premier event in its 7th iteration, strategically positioned as the most significant blockchain gathering in Eurasia. Its primary objective is to serve as a platform for influential figures in the cryptocurrency sector and industry experts to collaboratively redefine the landscape of finance. Taking place in the vibrant and culturally diverse city of Istanbul, slated for May, this summit is set to attract a distinguished lineup of international crypto corporations and visionary blockchain pioneers. 

The Summit will be attended by MeltemAcet (TV News Anchor), Tom Lee (Top Wall Street Strategist, FS Insight), Hong (President of OKX), Adrian Zduńczyk (Chartered Market Technician, Founder of The Birb Nest), AyhanDemirci (Director Data and Analytics at Koç Digital), Michael van de Poppe (Crypto Trader and Market Analyst, Founder and CEO of Eight Global), and Haider Rafique (Global Chief Marketing Officer at OKX).

Given the backdrop of Turkey's remarkable cryptocurrency adoption rate, with an impressive 16% of the population actively involved in the crypto market — accounting for approximately 13.6 million individuals — the Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit is positioned as a pivotal congregation point in the region for the worldwide blockchain and cryptocurrency community. Attendees can anticipate engaging in discussions on a wide array of subjects concerning the future of financial technologies, coupled with extensive networking opportunities that are designed to connect participants from over 80 countries, fostering a truly global exchange of ideas and collaborations.



Online conferences are the main event not only in a country but also hold a universal level position. They connect people from various parts of the globe together. This convenience is realized by the easy streaming that is done live, in the process evoking a sense of oneness and togetherness from the diverse community. These are virtual conferences that utilize digital technologies where the participants join to digest leading insights, connect with industry experts, and grasp the latest developments in the highly dynamic cryptocurrency.

For aficionados or new discoverers, the accessible and inclusive crypto conferences through a remote channel are fast becoming a portal to expand knowledge, cultivate relationships, and contribute to the emerging global community of legit crypto enthusiasts and professionals.