Exciting FIFA World Cup 2022 Deals To Blow Your Mind

Exciting FIFA World Cup 2022 Deals To Blow Your Mind

The love for football is real, and with the world cup taking place in the Middle East, things are even more amazing this year. The last few years have seen a rapid increase in football viewership in the region. Companies and customers are joining together to celebrate the world cup fever in exciting ways. Live Screenings to watch the matches as a community is being arranged and fans are pouring their feelings out on social media channels. 

Crypto Miners is crazy about FIFA World Cup

The sport that drives the hearts and minds of many also drives the team at Crypto Miners. Seeing the increase in excitement more than ever, the team has decided to offer amazing deals on miners. At the same time, the organization is also offering FIFA world cup tickets for free. Crypto Miners believes in sharing the experience and rejoicing in the victory of each team. 

Continue reading to find the exciting deals being offered by the organization. 

FIFA World Cup Deals at Crypto Miners

  1. Buy 1 Get 2 Free (BITMAIN ANTMINER S19)

If you are making up your mind about getting a miner, this is the best time for you. With the Buy 1 Get 2 free offer you can now get the best value for your money. FIFA Limited Offer brings you 1 Free GOLD SHELL HS BOX and 1 Free LB BOX with the purchase of every BITMAIN ANTMINER S19. This is amazing as it ensures that you are getting the best deal available in the market. With this deal not only do you get additional inventory, but you also get the customer service offered by Crypto Miners. 

Specifications of BITMAIN ANTMINER S19: 

  • Mineable Coins include bitcoin/bitcoin cash and 8 other coins
  • The machine has different variants of hash rates. The available variants are 90TH and 96TH. 
  • The different variants have the power of 3250W and 2800W respectively. 
  1. Buy 1 Get 2 Free (BITMAIN ANTMINER L7)

Considering finally get yourself a miner and start making money? But you don’t know the right time to get into the mining world? Don’t worry! With Crypto Miners, you can now get the best deals! With the ongoing FIFA Campaign, you can now get a BITMAIN ANTMINER L7 and make one of the best decisions of your life. The Miner has great reviews and is built on a plug-and-play model, making the entire mining experience incredibly easy for you. 

On purchasing a BITMAIN ANTMINER L7 customers receive HS Box and LB Box for free. The deal is great as it provides you with an affordable deal to mine the cryptocurrency of your choice. 

Specifications of BITMAIN ANTMINER L7:

  • Mineable Coins include Litecoin / Dogecoin / Verge / Digibyte & 6 other coins 
  • Hashrate: 9.5 Gh/s
  • Power: 3.32 KW
  1. Combo Deal Offer

Crypto Miners is providing you with perhaps the deal of the decade. The FIFA fever has made the organization extremely happy and we are sharing the happiness. You can now purchase the three machines mentioned below and get three boxes for free. 



And Get for Free


Get the Deal of your choice today!

Not only will you be getting great value for your money, but with the purchase of each deal, you will also be getting the option to avail the many services provided by Crypto Miners. You can get hosting services and maintenance services along with top-notch customer service. Start your mining journey today with the FIFA Deals at Crypto Miners.