Air Cooling VS Immersion Cooling | Crypto mining

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The future of trading has been dominating the popularity spectrum as more and more people understand the potential of bitcoin mining. The increase in solving complex algorithms to be awarded blocks of bitcoin uses a heavy-duty machine that is purpose-built to mine cryptocurrency. This machine runs throughout the day and night and can go for months without stopping. As one may expect, running an ASIC Miner can cause it to heat up, which can lead to many problems for the miner. 

The production of excessive heat is a constant problem arising for those that regularly mine. This problem exponentially when you are planning to mine in a country with a hot climate. For this reason, there are a few ways that help cool the device. As you read on, you will find the difference between air cooling and immersion cooling. 

What are the types of cooling technology? 

Cooling a miner externally is extremely important. Despite the heavy-duty build of mining machines, it is not an easy task to keep them performing at 100% efficiency. There are specific temperatures prescribed for the machine to operate in, which allows for maximum hash rate and productivity. In order to make sure that the machine maintains the optimal temperature, precautions are taken, which are known as cooling methods. Currently, there are two popular cooling methods. As you read on, you will find these cooling methods and how they work. 

Air Cooling for Crypto Mining Machines 

Air cooling is the use of air to cool miners. Exactly as it is advertised, air cooling uses large fans that are attached to the miners or the mining rigs to act as regulations for the heat being produced. The fans can vary in size. In most machines, internal fans are attached. However, in settings where there is a larger setup of mining machines, external fans are also installed. The air-cooling method is extremely disliked by many, and it is only in recent times that a better alternative has been proposed. 

The use of air cooling highly depends on the number of mining machines you have in a closed space. The closer the machines are, the more fans are required to maintain the desired temperature. 

Immersion Cooling for mining machines in UAE

Immersion cooling technology is a fairly new innovation that was introduced after mainstream media popularized bitcoin mining. It proved to be an extremely innovative solution to solving overheating problems for many machines. One of the main reasons for the innovation in cooling technology was due to the reason that mining became popular in hot regions. One of the areas is the region of the United Arab Emirates. The crypto-friendly government allowed the mining industry to flourish. It took a while for people to become familiar with the new form of mining, but once they did, UAE became an important center for crypto. 

Air cooling VS Immersion Cooling
Immersion Cooling for Bitcoin

Today people can spend in crypto, and expos are organized that are based around crypto services and products. 

The increase in mining meant that a solution for overheating in a hot climate was also found. The immersion cooling technology submerges miners in a cooling liquid, which quickly absorbs heat and releases it to the surrounding. This allows the miner itself to stay cool while working for long hours. The miners being submerged while operating allows for successful mining and also keeps the temperature at a desired temperature. The increase in efficiency allows for more bitcoins for a set time. 

What does overheating do to a mining machine? 

For those who are not familiar with the process of mining bitcoin. It is a process that allows the use of a machine capable of processing complex algorithms at a good speed. The processing combined with continuous running means that the machine uses a lot of electricity. The by-product of mining is converted to heat due to prolonged use. This overheating has a lot of negative effects on the machine. 

First of all, overheating means that the life of the machine is reduced. At the same time, the efficiency and the hash rate at which the hardware operates decreases. This means that while the mining machine is using the same units of electricity to operate, a lesser number of bitcoins are mined. The problems directly impact the short-term profits and the long-term return on investment of crypto mining. 

What is better: air cooling vs. immersion cooling? 

Air cooling is a very old way and has been used in data centers for a long time. Ever since mining began in 2009, the method has also been popular in cooling machines and early GPU computers. However, with time the need for a more efficient cooling system allowed for the creation of immersion technology.

The immersive technology has many more advantages and drastically increases the return on investment a miner can produce. It allows the miner to have a longer life, saves it from the atmosphere, and keeps the temperature to a desired degree. It also allows for more bitcoin to be mined and the maximum hash rate to be achieved. 

Air Cooling VS Immersion Cooling Techno


ultimately, it is safe to say that immersion cooling is much better than air cooling. It is true that immersion cooling is more expensive to set up, but it is a good investment for anyone with a large mining setup. If you are looking to expand your mining farm or planning to mine in a confined space, using immersion technology will allow you to reduce noise pollution while also keeping the machine and the surroundings cool. 

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